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10 Khaki Photoshop Action, ACR LUT - 5964113

10 Khaki Photoshop Action, ACR LUT - 5964113



·Khaki is a color, a light shade of brown with a yellowish tinge. Khaki has been used by many armies around the world for uniforms, including camouflage. It has been used as a color name in English since 1848 when it was first introduced as a military uniform. In Western fashion, it is a standard color for smart casual dress trousers for civilians, which are also often called khakis. In British English and some other Commonwealth usage, khaki may also refer to a shade of green known in the US as olive drab The Khaki presets are taken from the khaki glaze on colors. By applying this product to images the colors remain almost constant, but their glaze changes to a khaki color.
·10‭ ‬Photoshop actions‭ (.‬atn files‭)‬
·10‭ ‬ACR presets‭ (.‬xmp files‭)‬
·10‭ ‬LUT presets‭ (.‬cube files‭)‬
·‬For Photoshop Actions‭: ‬Photoshop CC and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
·‬For ACR Presets‭: ‬Photoshop CC‭ ‬and above(with Adobe Camera Raw 6.6‭ ‬and later‭)‬
For LUTs Presets‭: ‬All Graphics Softwares that they can work with LUTs Preset such as Adobe Photoshop‭, ‬Davinci Resolve‭, ‬Adobe Premiere Pro‭, ‬Adobe After Effects‭, ‬Final Cut Pro, and others


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